Saturday, 9 November 2013


Hey guys, 
 I'm sorry I've been M.I.A for awhile and haven't posted anything in a long time. Was busy with weddings, lots of shows and life, but everything has calmed down again so I can get back at it.
So this post is going to be a little bit of everything you've missed from me. 
Hope ya like it!

So first up was the Indicator Indicator shoot.

Then hit up the Hellbound Hepcats and The Creepshow.

A little Torn Into

I'm going to let you try and guess which band this one is that Marty is playing in, since he plays in soo many it won't be easy.
Could be Clipwing, Prophet, Lonewolf or Gold Mountain.

Off to the Garrick for Austra

A Latka video release at the Park Theater with The Autopilot and Seal the Deal opening.


And again to the Garrick for some extreme metal that will make your ears bleed, oh no wait thats just the blood Gwar sprays at you. 
They played with The Band Of Orcs, Iron Reagan, and Whitechapel.

Got to do a fun end of fall shoot with the one and only JP Hoe.

And yes one of my fave bands to shoot The Brains, mostly because Colin is a great guy and because you rocks that stand up bass so hard.
They also played with a great band The East End Radicals. 

Another amazing performance by the great Frank Turner with The Sleeping Souls at the Garrick, with KooKoo Kangaroo and The Smith Street Band.

To rock my Halloween I hit up first the Park for a little Kids and Heroes doing some great Bouncing Souls covers and The Thrashers ripping up some awesome Ramones tunes.

And last but not least, I couldn't finish the night without seeing what the boys from Legion of Liquor were going to be dressed up as for halloween at the Windsor. I was not disappointed.

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